4A Games crawls out of the tunnels and hands us over to the acclaimed Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light a new dose of radioactive radiation, refined with skeletons, horrific monsters and – above all – love. Stop worrying about which launcher the game has. It’s awesome.

The good thing about Metro Exodus is undoubtedly that it lives up to the promises it has made with the trailers: an immersive, story-driven shooter that’s just as horrendous, beautiful, and emotional. I have a penchant for horror experiences, less for shooters – one reason probably, which is why I’ve never played Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light. Heresy! Blasphemy! TUNNEL-SHOOTER!

But, to defend my honor, I read Dmitri Gluchowski’s Metro in 2033 in preparation for the game. A book that is more emotional and more gruesome than I expected; about a young man trying to survive in the tunnels after the nuclear bomb. Artyom is his name, and it’s this brave fighter you’re playing in Metro Exodus, just years after the books and games. You will leave the metro itself at the beginning – or almost immediately! Outside, into the dusty expanse of nuclear-polluted Russia. Artyom and a group of friendly soldiers are exploring the world above the earth for the first time, looking for – yes, for what? Life? A home? A future?

And that after the entire Metro line crawled you through black tunnels. Yeah, they were really tunnel shooters, and Metro Exodus is not one. Yeah, it’s a change. Yeah, that can be a bad thing, because fans are disappointed (TUNNEL-SHOOTER?). Yeah, that’s no problem at all, because not only does the game enjoy a very solid non-open-world map design, it also throws you back in tunnels. Lets you crawl through bunkers. And caves. And the sewerage. And ewww. It is wonderful.

Let’s use generic phrases like “The monsters in Metro Exodus are frightening in HD and manage to create an ever-thrilling atmosphere in the game through sounds in the distance as well as jump-scare attacks” and continue our journey into more exciting areas : Metro Exodus is scary and disgusting and WTF is that what’s crawling on my gas mask? But it’s also a tightrope walk, the Metro here goes – between an action shooter, which calls for adrenalin-rich fighting and monster hordes, and a scary atmosphere.

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