One player recruited Reddit comrades to find a hidden end in Fallout 76. Now another group has refuted his theory.

It could have been so nice: Behind Fallout 76-player and Reddit-User International_XT many enthusiasts gathered, all of whom wanted to find a hidden end in the game together with him. Precisely because there were too few endgame content for many fans, the hope of discovering something new was great.

Now another group of players took the experience of disappointment from them and tried to put into action the plan to trigger the hidden end. The result was sobering. At first, a single player was able to close all the cracks, but the server now refused that other players could help him defeat the beast queen – he could not make it on his own. A group of six players managed to close all the cracks and defeat the Beast Queen in a separate effort. Unfortunately, this did not lead to a new ending or anything else unusual.

A nuclear explosion in the right place should bring to light a secret ending in Fallout 76.

Fallout 76 is far from over for Bethesda. The publisher has just released a roadmap for 2019. Here you can already see what is to come next month.

Although the game has received a lot of criticism, there are loyal players who continue to explore West Virginia. A survivor would now like to find out if a specific end can trigger a secret end by detonating a nuclear bomb and then destroying the burnt beasts.

The impetus for this is a posting on Reddit. The player has found that cracks close. So what happens if they manage to make all the cracks disappear and then attack the great Beast Queen? In the eyes of the commentators, a secret end could then reveal itself.

Under the code name Operation Tourniquet, they are now making plans for how this works best. Alone it is not possible, so they are already grouped together. In addition to Prime Rift, there are currently 8 spots where cracks are known. They have to be closed. The project is about to take some time and he has already been able to gather some helpers.

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