The Division 2: Tips on the new Clan Feature – We’ll tell you how to unlock the groups for the Ubisoft shooter and what benefits they offer. First, you’ll get some story progress, then build your own clan with ranks and more. In these new groups you pack up to 50 accounts with up to 4 characters. Own Clan XPs and ranks rewards sweeten & level.

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 provide a group feature for the online shooter with the new clans. You pack up to 50 friends with a maximum of 4 characters each in a gang. For the new clans there are own XP, own ranks with unique skins and rewards and more. So it’s worthwhile to start with friends clans to make the virtual Washington D.C. as well as to make the dark zone unsafe. We’ll list the features and tell you how to unlock the group feature in The Division 2. You also send messages in clan management and coordinate events as clan leader. You also use two voice channels for up to 25 people each.

The Division 2 – this is how you unlock the clans

In the story of The Division 2 you play until the settlement “The Theater”. Also in the closed and open beta of Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 this area was already playable. You will complete missions by Grace Larson until you can recruit the character for your base in the White House. Just complete two missions of NPCs in that location and, if necessary, the “Viewpoint Museum” quest, and Grace will join your team in any case. Now you find the lady in the east wing of the White House. Go to your new workplace and you may create a clan. You will need four players to earn the XP for the clan and to further develop it.

The Division – ranks within the clans

Your friends in your clan of The Division 2 can belong to four different ranks. Recruits are the boarders and have few rights. Agents are allowed to bring in new members. Lieutenants send out invitations, look at applications, moderate the clan feed, and set ranks for members. The commander is leader of the clan and has all administrative rights and functions.

The Division 2 – earn CXP and rise clan levels

To get Clan XP (CXP) home and develop your group, you’ll need at least four players as mentioned before. In all joint activities, you collect Clan XP and thus increase in level. We list the rewards of the 30 levels in the following table.

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