The press and players are currently equally impressed by The Division 2. We summarize the most important test opinions for you, but there are no ratings yet.

Division 2 is quite a chunk. You need almost 30 hours alone for the story campaign, and then there’s plenty of trappings.

But some testers are already making their first judgments. And they are pretty positive. Almost all reviewers agree that The Division 2 in many ways does exactly what it wants to do: set up a successful, technically-rounded and long-lasting loot shooter that can and can hold its own.

The biggest strengths of The Division 2

To give you a first overview, let’s summarize here in the cross-section some of the greatest strengths that appear more frequently in the articles of colleagues of IGN, PC Gamer and Co.

The firefights play better: Massive has made by detail improvements that the Ballereien feel heavier. Enemies die faster, thick chunks fly away the equipment, you get less “Bulletsponge” feeling.

The hunt for loot motivates immensely, because new objects other than anthem feel valuable, useful and above all funny. Most new weapons are fun, there is no annoying grind in the first 30 hours.

The Open World is outstanding. Washington was virtually implemented with great attention to detail, the world attracts with exciting hiding places and all sorts of dynamics. Friends and enemies patrol the streets, day, night, wind and weather keep creating new moods.

The opponent behavior convinced. Although there are always KI dropouts, but the bottom line, the enemies act pleasantly demanding and diverse. There are dozens of enemy factions in multiple factions that use different strategies to stop you.

The campaign is better than in the predecessor: The locations are varied, both main and side missions were elaborately staged and offer different highlights.

A lush volume: The Division 2 is unlike many competitors with a fairly large scale at the start. Just for the story campaign you need about 30 hours, and then the endgame begins.

Most reviewers have not had the opportunity to try the Dark Zone or PvP multiplayer yet. Accordingly, further impressions are missing here.

What is criticized?

Despite the positive response, the testers agree: The story of The Division 2 is pretty botched. The story is to give players an impulse to explore Washington – nothing more. In the co-op sessions, you hardly get anything, anyway, because it does not matter, why you have to activate this relay or retrieve that suitcase.

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