The news that Sony was thinking about taking on Publisher Take Two caused a lot of speculation. Will GTA 6 be exclusive to the PlayStation 5? Meanwhile, Sony has provided clarity.

The speculations about the alleged Sony exclusivity have become superfluous, as Yuji Nakamura, himself a tech reporter at Bloomberg, announced on Twitter.

If GTA 6 was to become Sony exclusive, that would be a manslaughter argument for the Playstation 5. The console war, if it is even more important, would end with a big but short bang. It is therefore unlikely that Sony could actually buy GTA developer Take-Two Interactive – as a market analyst claims.

Nothing is certain when it comes to analysts, rumors and secret sources claiming secret things. If a well-known industry analyst claims that Sony is currently in negotiations to buy the company Take-Two Interactive, that’s no guarantee. It is more one of those many rumors that bubble out of the white noise behind the ominous numbers of stock prices. The stock-central news portal MarktWatch constantly deals with such assumptions and wrote about Take-Twos acquisition:

“Take-Two Interactive Software’s shares rose 4.7% on rumors that Sony is already involved in advanced negotiations to buy Take-Two.”

Normally, we also ignore such but-if-if-rumors; after all, they are constantly appearing and, more than once, are no more than that – a rumor. In this case, it would be a more than clever move from Sony to grab Take-Two: The gaming group not only watches over the subsidiaries Rockstar Games and 2K Games, but also over all their game IPs – Red Dead Redemption, Grand Theft Auto, Civilization, NBA 2K, BioShock, Borderlands and more.

I do not use any PS5-exclusive civilization marching on the market, but if Sony actually takes Take-Two off the stock market, the Grand Theft Auto could chain it to the PlayStation forever: It would be unwise, with such a big title, not your own To support console. Especially as more and more evidence points to a Google console, which should be announced next week.

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